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Garage Ceiling Height Requirements

How Tall Does Your Garage Ceiling Need To Be For A DMS Car Lift?

Installing a car lift in your home garage is a great way to create more space for your vehicles, while also providing a convenient and secure storage solution. However, before you begin the installation process, it is important to consider the ceiling height requirements to ensure that your garage is suitable for a car lift.

First and foremost, the ceiling height of your garage will determine the type of car lift that you can install. In general, most car lifts require a minimum ceiling height of 10 feet to accommodate the height of the lift and the vehicles that will be lifted. This is especially important if you have larger vehicles, such as SUVs or trucks, which require more clearance than smaller cars.

To determine the exact ceiling height that you will need, you should measure the height of both cars that you plan to lift and add them together. It is also important to factor in an additional 6 inches of clearance to ensure that you have enough room to safely raise and lower the vehicles. For example, if you plan to lift two cars that are 4 feet tall, your minimum ceiling height requirement would be 8 feet 6 inches.


One of the biggest advantages of installing a car lift in your garage is the ability to double your storage space without having to add on to your home. With a car lift, you can easily store two cars in the space of one, which is especially useful for homeowners with limited garage space. Additionally, car lifts provide a secure storage solution that can help protect your vehicles from theft and damage.

At DMS Equipment, we are committed to providing high-quality car lift installations for homeowners. We offer a wide range of car lift options to suit your specific needs and garage space, and our team of experienced professionals will handle all aspects of the installation process from start to finish. We also include a 5-year structural warranty on all of our work, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your car lift is installed safely and securely.

In conclusion, installing a car lift in your garage is a great way to maximize your storage space and protect your vehicles. To ensure that your garage is suitable for a car lift, it is important to consider the ceiling height requirements and consult with a professional car lift installer. With the right lift and installation, you can enjoy the benefits of a more organized and secure garage space.

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